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Choosing who to use to sell your most valuable asset is a difficult job and however Get Agent help make narrowing down your choices a little easier.

We all know of places where you simply pay to be at the top of the list, or where claim to provide you a comparison but it is so broad it isn’t helpful at all.

For some industries this works.  For example Car Insurance, any provider can insure you across the country, and you get what you pay for in terms of different services and quality of coverage etc.

In Estate Agency, most agents claim to offer the same service.  There are of course some niche agents who specialise however generally speaking agents all say that they’re good at what they do but until recently it has been difficult to find out if that is true of not.

This is where Get Agent come in.  By comparing agents on a number of different metrics, all based around where your home is for sale.  If you have two homes for sale in different price ranges or different postcodes then don’t expect to necessarily get the same results.

How They Compare Agents
Average Sell Time
% of Asking Price
Number of Properties Marketed in the local area (0.5km around your postcode)
and of course Price.

The service is smart, rather than charging a flat fee to agents to take part, they bill them a small fee for every person who asks for a valuation from them.  This means that a firm with a larger marketing budget can’t simply pay to be at the top of the list, everyone is treated fairly and equally with their stats telling their story.

Clearly there is more to picking an agent than just their stats, but this is definitely a game changer in helping you to narrow down the field and decide who to call out for a valuation.

For many buyers they will look to friends and neighbours for recommendations, and this works to an extent.  However who is to say that your friend or neighbour found the best guy to begin with?

Being happy with one doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t have been better and of course there are millions of people out there who don’t know their neighbours particularly well and friends haven’t bought or sold recently or in the right area.

They have lots of great reviews from happy customers, and I would certainly be using their services if I didn’t already know the best local agent where I live.

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