House Values by Postcode

House Values by Postcode is something that potential buyers often research, especially if they are new to an area.

The Mouse Price Heat Map gives a high level view of prices in an excellent visual map format. This article explores this among other ways to research house prices by postcode, address and area.

There are many different ways to see House Values by Postcode.

As Estate Agents our recommendation is always to talk to an experienced valuer to get an accurate picture of the value of your home. However as a good impartial opinion the internet now gives us a plethora of options to see property values by postcode or address.

Mouse Price allows you to see house values by postcode very quickly.

In order to see their price estimates you have to register for a free account or sign in via Facebook.

They also give you the option to see a price heat map which shows you the most desirable areas in town, this is a great option if you are moving to a new place and want to get a feel for the most expensive or affordable areas.

Zoopla also provides a very accurate house price estimator. Their tool doesn’t need you to register in order to see the information, and unlike Mouse Price, they allow you to enter in extra information about your property which can affect the valuation provided (e.g. a recent renovation or extension).

Nationwide provide another house price calculator using the previous recorded sales value combined with their own house price index. Their index is based on mortgage approvals and therefore is quite useful for seeing trends however the added detail option in the Zoopla valuation tool is a big plus over the Nationwide calculator.

Doing your own research

Estate Agents will use their own local knowledge combined with searching the current similar properties on the market and the recently sold properties in order to help value your house.

If you have time on your hands you too can come up with your own valuation.  Visit Rightmove and look for properties for sale that are similar to yours.  Some homes are much easier to value, if it is a popular street with lots of turnover (e.g. sales and purchases) and with very similar homes then it wont take you long at all.

The difficult homes to value are those unique/individual homes in areas with little movement.  This is where the art side, rather than science, comes into home valuation and where the local experts opinion will become even more important.

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