UK Average House Price Projections

UK Property Price and Population Projections

If 50 year trends continue then in 2038 your average home will cost over a million pounds!

In this article we discuss the causes behind house price rises and look at where we will be in 20 years if the current trends continue.

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Permitted Development Extension Rules

Permitted Development Extension Planning Permission

Extensions are part of modern home ownership, enlarging the living areas and possibly adding an extra bedroom with carefully planned 2 story extensions.

A good extension blends into existing house, or if done correctly can provide a contrasting style which enhances rather than takes away from the original home.

Most home extensions now fall within permitted development so long as they meet the right criteria.

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Do I Need Planning Permission For a Conservatory?

conservatory planning permission permitted development

Conservatories are typically classed as permitted development meaning you do not need planning permission for your conservatory.

This article will cover the requirements that need to be met to ensure that you are within the planning laws.

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House Values by Postcode

House Value by Post Code Heat Map Mouse Price

House Values by Postcode is something that potential buyers often research, especially if they are new to an area.

The Mouse Price Heat Map gives a high level view of prices in an excellent visual map format. This article explores this among other ways to research house prices by postcode, address and area.

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