Tree Preservation Order Search

Tree Preservation Order Search TPO

Tree Preservation Orders or TPOs provide legal protection to trees within the UK.  If you are buying a home you may with to undertake a Tree Preservation Order Search to find out your legal obligations regarding trees on your future property.

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How Big Can I Build a Shed Without Planning Permission?

How big can I build my garden shed without planning permission

Whether buying a new house or adding to your existing home you may want to know what restrictions there are when it comes to garden outbuildings and just how big can you build a shed without planning permission.
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Do I Need Planning Permission For a Garage?

Do I need Planning Permission to Build a Garage

Permitted Development is the term given to projects for your home that no longer require planning permission so long as they fall within a strict set of criteria.

This article explores whether you need planning permission for a garage or not and which factors need to be considered to make sure you stay within the permitted development rules.

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