Old Aerial Photographs of My House

Old Aerial Photographs are a thing of beauty.  They provide a glimpse into a world that was.

In this article we explore the frequently asked question, of where do I find old aerial photographs of my house?

In the days before Google Maps Satellite View planes would fly around the country taking photographs, however until recently these photographs were not publicly available.

There are now a few projects that have opened up the archives and allow you to look back for old aerial photographs of my house and of course of your house!

Where do I find old aerial photographs of my house?

Historic England

Historic England offer over 4 million historical photos of the UK of which 95,000 are historical aerial photographs and can be viewed for free on their website, Britain From Above.

Blue Sky

This website offers a range of unique map and imagery views such as Colour Infared Views, showing you a heat map, Flood Maps, National Tree Map, LIDAR and many more.
This website has a great selection of London Historial Aerial Photographs and the surrounding areas but is a bit lacking for the rest of the UK.

Sky Scan

This website offers the ability to view tens of thousands of historical aerial images online for free with a good resolution and a map search facility.

The National Collection of Aerial Photography

This is the biggest database of aerial photography with over 10 million aerial photos taken across the world.  Their website allows you to search on the map and then see a preview of their image before purchasing.  This preview is a great tool that other paid for databases don’t offer.

They offer the ability to purchase lower resolution old photos from only £8.25+VAT with prices up to £60+VAT for high resolution historical photographs.

They also have an additional 26 million aerial photographs that haven’t as of yet been uploaded to the online archives however are searchable for a fee.

Sky Views Archives

This company will search over 10 million aerial photographs and will send you any images of your home.  Their prices start from £69 per image.


Old Aerial Photos 

This Website offers access to images for around £100 per photo.  Their images are mainly from the 90s, meaning if you urgently need a more recent image then they might be the best place to look.



Google Earth

For more recent aerial imagery then Google Earths turn back time feature is a great option.  It allows you to see how areas have changed over the years since they started to catalogue satellite images.

If you know of any other places to search for old historic images and photographs of the UK then please comment below so that we can include it in our list for people asking where to find, “old aerial photographs of my house”.


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