Tree Preservation Order Search

Tree Preservation Orders or TPOs provide legal protection to trees within the UK.  If you are buying a home you may with to undertake a Tree Preservation Order Search to find out your legal obligations regarding trees on your future property.

If you are buying a new property and there are any large trees on the property you may with to undertake a Tree Preservation Order Search to understand what responsibilities you have in regards to your new trees.

TPOs, Tree Preservation Orders, are designed to protect special trees so that people can’t simply cut down trees and it helps to protect some of the most beautiful and oldest trees in the country.

Sometimes TPOs are incorrectly called Tree Protection Orders, given that they do protect trees, however the correct term is “Preservation”, not “Protection”.

Unfortunately there isn’t currently an online portal where you can search to see all of the TPOs in place. Instead you need to contact your local council and then they can check against their database to see if there in a Tree Preservation Order in place.

Through Blue Sky you can access the National Tree Map which shows all of the trees in the country. If your property is very large then this map tool is an excellent way to highlight the trees that you would like to check with the local council, as you can zoom in and see individual trees circled and their respective coordinates.

Visit your local council website to see their contact information.

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